September is Rhino Month and a great opportunity to make a difference to rhino conservation. Rhino poaching is sadly on the increase, propelled by the demand for rhino horn in the Asian market. South Africa, proudly home to the African black and white rhino – with more than 80% of the world’s population, has been losing 20 animals a month. In the last five years, about 600 rhinos have been poached across the African continent. Today, about 4000 black rhino and 20 000 white rhino are all that stand between Africa’s rhino population becoming extinct.

You can HELP by making a donation to the WWF towards rhino conservation projects. Funds are used to procure anti-poaching equipment, to provide essential training for anti-poaching units, and for emergency veterinary treatments for injured rhino. More about donations.

ANOTHER WAY YOU COULD HELP, is to buy a two-night stay at a lodge in the Madikwe Collection, and enjoy a classical music recital by the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra under the African sky as part of the anti-poaching fundraiser. You two-night package will include luxury safari lodge accommodation, meals, game drives and the musical event. Stay at either Tuningi Safari Lodge or Thakadu River Camp. Mail our Getaway Consultants to find out more.

Also, 22 September is RHINO DAY, and WWF calls on all concerned citizens of the world to dust off their vuvuzelas and toot their horns at 1pm, to send a message out about the need for decisive action against rhino poaching.