If you enjoy being out in the ocean where the action is, one of the things you can do at Thonga Beach Lodge in KZN is swim with whale sharks.

Did you know that these huge animals that can grow up to about 18m (59ft) long and weigh around 34 tons? Compare this an adult elephant that weighs less than one fifth of this …

Observation of captured species suggests that whale sharks are ovoviviparous – the female produces eggs that hatch inside her body, and then gives birth to live young. The young apparently measure about 60cm in length at birth, and are mature only at about the age of 30.

Another interesting thing is that the whale shark is believed to have originated about 60-million years ago.

For more fascinating info on whale sharks, Earth-Touch.com has a really good piece http://www.earth-touch.com/archive/whale_shark/

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