There are getaways, and then there are great getaways – those uber-special places that get one away so utterly and completely from the stretches and strains of living in the fast lane.  The Gorge Private Game Lodge & Spa is indeed one such place, pinnacled high on the edge of the majestic Oribi Gorge on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal.

It’s a breathcatching wonder-work of nature, and only 32km from Port Shepstone. For Durbanites and surrounding suburb-slickers, The Gorge is a major-spoil weekend getaway, and for holiday-makers from further afield, it’s one of the region’s most stunning, top-luxury destinations that deserves a place in a luxury South African holiday.

At The Gorge nature is vast and immediate. Guided trails through indigenous coastal forests bring you close to the area’s many plants, animals, insects and birds. You have a good chance of seeing the rare Oribi buck, as well as a colony of Cape Vultures and a bat cave.

From your exclusive and enormous villa (there are just five) built on the edge sandstone cliffs you’ll be lording it over the spectacular Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve. Whether you’re lounging in bed, taking a bath or having a shower, you just can’t miss the utterly spectacular views!

Meals are at your convienience, and they’ll be prepared for you according to your preferred dining times.

Heavenly self-restoration is on the cards for you at The Gorge’s spa, where heaven has found its own little place on earth – again, towering over the Oribi Gorge. An impressive spa menu will lead you into extreme temptation, to be sure.

Outdoors there’s much to enjoy. A mountain bike track seams its way along the edge of the gorge, and there’s an exhilarating walk along a suspension bridge to a lookout point. If you want something to blow your hair back, this is the place! You can abseil next to Lehrs Waterfall, where you can also try the highest swing in the world; you can do some white water rafting in summer; there’s a foefie slide 160m above ground; and a 4×4 track. Deep sea fishing and water sports are on offer too. Beaches are 40 minutes away by car, and golf a little more.

But frankly, when there’s a swimming pool set as idyllically as The Gorge’s is, why not just laze around and feast on some of the best views there are to be had, anywhere.

The Gorge has definitely earned every one of its five stars, and more than matches what one would expect of a luxrious getaway.

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