It’s a chef’s responsibility to make an ingredient shine“.  And that’s exactly what Jackie Cameron does so well in her great Midlands kitchen at the beautiful Hartford House.

At Hartford there are endless opportunities for making food shine, with five courses going out to diners every evening. “It’s imperative“, Jackie feels, “that we as chefs take our guests on a culinary journey, bearing in mind that there will be some that are more creative and adventurous than others. To do this we too have to become more creative and adventurous, courageous and confident.”

And, indeed, she has all sorts of delicious tricks up her culinary sleeve. Dinners at Hartford House are celebratory five-course affairs, each an event in itself in candlelit splendour, either in the handsome dining room of old, or on the fabulous no-need-to-rush colonial-style verandah. On Saturdays there’s a traditional African dance display to boot. Wine pairings from a Diamond Wine List take every meal to the level of triumph.

Hartford House remains one of South Africa’s truly great weekend getaways and has a long list of accolades  – for its food and for the experience in general.

Book a winter’s weekend at Hartford soon, but meanwhile you may want to try Jackie’s delish Lavender Biscuit Recipe (she uses these popular biscuits for many of the desserts she serves at Hartford House.)

Yields : 40

Ingredients :

60g Castor Sugar

120g Salted Butter

180g Flour

Fresh Lavender to taste

Method :

1) Cream the sugar and butter together

2) Add the chopped lavender

3) Finish with the flour amount

4) Knead the dough. Put half the dough onto a piece of greaseproof paper. Top with another piece of paper and roll this mixture out thinly with a rolling pin. Remove the top piece of paper. Use a cutter and cut the desired biscuit shapes out. Remove any excess biscuit mixture and place this paper with cut-out biscuits on, into the fridge. Continue until all the biscuit mixture is rolled out and sitting in the fridge.

5) Remove each individual biscuit from the paper and place onto a greased oven tray and bake at 140’C for 14 minutes or until cooked.

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