Think West Coast and notice how braais and bokkoms scurrel for top seed along with flowers and whales. Recently, braai’s on the West Coast have gathered an extra bit of glitz at Abalone House, sitting pretty beside the sea in small-town Paternoster. There, they’ve been re-invented as sumptuous, five-star fireside feasts.

The courtyard and pool at Abalone House

‘Can a braai be sumptuous?’, you could be wondering. You bet. The exec chef of Abalone’s Saffron Restaurant prepares a mouthwatering, firecooked feast for guests, chatting away with them around the fire as he does so. The menu bends in all sorts of delicious directions. There’s succulent steak, and subject to availability, traditional West Coast favourites such as snoek and crayfish, the catch of the day, fresh mussels, and delicious fire-baked potbread or roosterkoek. Baked spuds, roasted vegetables and a salad buffet add all sorts of wonderful trimmings. And it’s followed by traditional baked desserts such as malva pud, sticky toffee or brandy pudding, splurged with homemade ice-cream for good measure.

The braais are a treat for in-house guests, but are also open to non-staying visitors.

Mail us for accommodation bookings, or call 0860 102 907 or +27 21 797-7122.