Though some people still think South Africa have lions walking around and elephants causing traffic jams, many come to realize that South Africa is not that bad. It is actually quite good, quite great!

South Africa is known for its beautiful scenery, amazing range of wildlife, lovely weather, Table Mountain; the list is never-ending. Not only do we have the Big 5 and 11 official languages, but we are also known as “The Rainbow Nation” because of the diverse cultures located in our country. And this year we have the privilege of hosting the 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup! One of the biggest events ever to be hosted in Southern Africa.

Laura Lane, a senior reporter for OK! magazine, wanted to experience South Africa. Her tight schedule shows how much South Africa really has to offer:

“On my first day I’d meet a tour manager at Moyo Zoo Lake for lunch before visiting Rosebank, a Johannesburg art strip. And that was just the beginning. Over the next nine days I’d be getting a crash course on the South Africa World Cup experience, including a visit to the Cradle of Humankind, a tour of a Zulu village in Durban, wine tasting in Cape Town, and a stay at a luxury safari lodge in Kruger Park. Along the way I’d also be visiting soccer stadiums that are in the final stages of preparation for the World Cup.”

Tourists to South Africa can easily enjoy the spectacular scenery of South Africa while feeling comfortable and “taken-care-of”, not to mentioned experiencing the true hospitality of South Africans. If you are going on Safari in South Africa why not check out the other 99 reasons to visit South Africa and see what you can fit in with your visit. predicted that soccer fans will mix their visit with safari, so why not try it?

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