If you’re not interested in safari’s or staying in a skyscraper hotel during the World Cup, you can always settle for the sea…

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Luxury Cruise Ships Head to South Africa for Soccer’s Premier Event

Two of the world’s biggest and most luxurious cruise ships will dock at South Africa’s harbours during the FIFA 2010 World Cup starting this June, bringing tourists to experience South Africa’s culture and passion for soccer.

Two vessels, each with more than 950 cabins, will head for Durban harbour and Port Elizabethharbour respectively for the full month of the FIFA 2010 World Cup in a unique cruise experience that gives passengers a chance to live aboard the ship and experience harbour life, whilst also enjoying the soccer matches in the cities they dock at.

World Cup Accommodation Floating into Town

Two of the world's biggest cruise ships will dock at South Africa's harbours during the 2010 World Cup, bringing tourists to experience South Africa's passion for soccer.

The MS Noordam, the vessel that will be based in the Durban harbour, will also visit the Port Elizabeth harbour twice – for the quarter-final and for the playoff for the third and fourth place. The MS Westerdam will be moored in Port Elizabeth harbour for the first 14 days of the tournament and will then be cruising between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town for the rest of the tournament.

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