The wonder of giant turtle viewing was one of the amazing experiences mentioned on last night’s #TravelChatSA on Twitter, where people talked about  South Africa’s multitude of delights for travellers. And indeed, turtle viewing is an awesome experience. The place to stay for this is Thonga Beach Lodge, a casually exclusive cluster of sublime suites fringed by dense dune forest just a very few metres above a remote and unblemished beach. This is the magical world of Mabibi Bay, a wonderland of coastal forest and milk-white beaches trailing as far the eye can see.

Thonga baby loggerhead
Baby Loggerhead Turtle Thonga Beach Lodge

Turtle season happens in the summer months between November and February. In these months the untrodden shores of Mabibi Bay become a sanctuary for giant turtles emerging from the ocean to lay their eggs in ‘nurseries’ dug out in the beachsand. After about 60 days the eggs hatch – and the newborn turtles dig their way up to the surface and make a journey of about 50 metres down to the sea – and off they go into the deeps. These newcomers will return some day to this very shoreline to lay their eggs – an awesome happening indeed!

It’s an incredible and transfixing experience going out at night with Thonga guides in search of the turtles. What a wonder it is to come upon them and witness the amazing spectacle of egg-laying and / or new hatchlings coming into the world.

Thonga's Suites in Dune Forest Just Above the Beach
Thonga’s Suites in Dune Forest Just Above the Beach

With or without the turtles, Thonga Beach Lodge is a wonderful place. It’s makes for an outstanding beach holiday where there are no crowds jostling for beach space, no traffic, no noise – but an exquisite and endless beach hugged by forest-covered dunes.

In addition to turtle viewing, guests at Thonga can have snorkelling experiences, do scuba diving with the lodge’s dive school, go kayaking on beautiful lake Sibaya, enjoy boat trips to see whales, sharks and dolphins, forest walks and more. The spa is waiting for you when you need some restoration after all these wonderful activities.

The Deck of an Ocean View Suite at Thonga Beach Lodge
The Deck of an Ocean View Suite at Thonga Beach Lodge

Your private hideaway will be a gorgeous suite with ocean or forest views (coastal Milkwoods create a fantastic setting), a private deck, and idyllic open-plan bathroom with big stone bath. You could also choose a suite with its own plunge pool. ‘Robinson Crusoe-chic‘ is how Thonga describes their fabulous suites. The lifestyle at Thonga is laid back but exclusive – barefoot dining on an outdoor deck, pampering treatments in a new spa, unhurried beach walks and lots of nature activities if you want them.

Dining Deck Thonga Beach Lodge
Dining Deck Thonga Beach Lodge

Mail us to book or call 0860 102 907 (local) or +27 21 797-7122 (international).