2022 Has opened its doors and travellers are good to go. We’ve been cooped up in 2020 and 2021, bumped back and grounded by red lists, border closures and travel restrictions. How much longer can the world wait to pack its bags and head for the hills, and all the kinds of adventures that give fizz and meaning to life? A lingering pandemic has brought an every-moment-counts philosophy to the minds of many. Exclusive Getaways highlights some of what’s hot on the travel scene for 2022.


People have had to put their dreams on hold during the pandemic, and there’s now some lost time to be made up. Travellers are more than ready to go for the next item on their bucket list. For a great number of people, that equates to a holiday in South Africa, to get to the summit of the legendary Table Mountain in Cape Town, and to do a wildlife safari in a remote and unspoiled wilderness location – of which there are many in South Africa. Mail us.


One of the things the pandemic has taught is how easy it can be for many to work remotely. So why not stretch that to a workation on sunny South African shores. More and more, people are opting for this appealing semi-world between work and play. Mail us.


For some South Africans who may otherwise have travelled internationally, the pandemic has been an opportunity to explore some of their own country, and very understandably they want more! So we’re bound to see locals giving preference to their own country for travel. Mail us.


The wellness trend will grow stronger still in 2022, and travellers are going to insist on their share of the healthy pie. South Africa has tons of excellent options, from world-class spas in the wilderness and in every imaginable nature location, to yoga in the bush and on the beach. Come and get your dose of health and wonder in beautiful South Africa. Mail us.


Travel restrictions have deprived families of much-needed together time. Reunions are going to be big in 2022 as travel opens up, and multi-generational travel is bound to soar. Mail us.

South Africa is also a very currency-friendly destination for many people from abroad, where you get so much for your dollar, pound or euro.

So please mail us to book your bucket list holiday in South or Southern Africa, or your family holiday, wellness trip or workation. We have 31 years of experience booking top-notch holidays for locals and international travellers.