Sutherland sits tucked away in the Northern Cape, in the Roggeveld Karoo. It has so much going for it as a getaway destination: it is the magical portal to the Milky Way and all its star-spangled splendour. It gets blanketed with snow in winter, making it the go-to place for Capetonians wanting to “go see the snow.” Sutherland holds rank as the coldest place in South Africa, and also as the home of SALT, South Africa’s (and the Southern Hemisphere’s) Largest Telescope. Exclusive Getaways introduces a wonderful getaway where you can enjoy stars, winter snow, and all the best of Sutherland.

Sutherland has phenomenal stargazing and some wonderful things to see and do:

  • Visit the South African Astronomical Observatory, which has the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT), largest telescope in the Southern Hemisphere. Take a tour and learn about current astronomical research.
  • Explore the town’s museums, art galleries and historic buildings.
  • Visit the Louw House Museum, a historic house showcasing the life of a typical Sutherland family in the early 1900s.
  • Take to the area’s hiking trails.
  • Sample traditional Karoo cuisine at local restaurants and farm stalls.

Be sure to book a few nights at Rogge Cloof, a magical place at Sutherland that aptly describes itself as ‘home to the greatest heavens on earth’. But it is also so much more!

Starry, Starry Nights

Clear skies strewn with millions of stars at night are a truly splendid feature of Rogge Cloof. The Roggeveld’s famous Star Plains are located exclusively on Rogge Cloof. Experience the night skies glittering with zillions of stars. Star gazing in the Sutherland area is unrivaled because the area is mostly without cloud cover, boasting beautifully clear, unpolluted skies, very dark save for the multitude of ‘fairy light’ stars. Rogge Cloof does not offer facilitated star gazing, but the stars are beautiful to marvel at. Guests go into Sutherland for facilitated star gazing.

star gazing sutherland
Skies all-a-dazzle with stars at Rogge Cloof.

White as Snow in Winter

Snow makes a white wonderland at Sutherland during winter. Get out there to experience the snow, and make your mark on the landscape by leaving a snowperson behind.

snow getaway sutherland
The Rogge Cloof landscape is a snowy wonderland in winter

Salpeterskop Volcano

The area boasts Salpeterkop, an extinct volcano and possibly the last volcano in South Africa to have been active. Rogge Cloof offers a guided outing to Salpeterkop Volcano that takes 4 to 5 hours. On this outing you get to enjoy spectacular Karoo views and a unique landscape. There are also other scenic hikes to do at Rogge Cloof.

sutherland attractions
A must-do activity at Rogge Cloof for the reasonably fit is the Salpeterskop Hike.

Cheetah Tracking

Appreciate the rare sight of cheetah in the Karoo on a 4 – 5 hour guided cheetah tracking excursion. Rogge Cloof is proud to be making a difference as part of the South African Cheetah Metapopulation Project.

sutherland attractions
Rogge Cloof is making a great contribution in reintroducing cheetah to the Karoo

Game Drive and Fossil Field Tour

A guided game drive through the reserve, with a stop at the Rogge Cloof Permian Age Fossil Field, takes 3 to 4 hours. 

sutherland attractions
Your stay at Rogge Cloof can include a fossil field tour

Fat Biking

Spot wildlife from the saddle of a fat bike, during a guided or self-guided biking outing.

sutherland attractions

Accommodation at Rogge Cloof

Inclusive accommodation is offered in open-plan units ideal for couples. There are also various self-catering units, each accommodating 4 or 8 people. 

Rogge Cloof is a must-do getaway for lovers of open spaces, star-studded heavens, nature experiences and snow-blanketed landscapes in winter. 

Sutherland is about 3:30 away from Cape Town.

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