Imagine a corkskrew – and think big here – that stores 1500 bottles of wine! The one-of-its-kind Ellerman House Wine Gallery incorporates the special feature of a massive, custom-created corkskrew – an incredible sculpture crafted by designers, architects and sculptors.  The corkscrew is the main feature of an awe-inspiring Wine Gallery that houses 7, 500 bottles of premium South African Wines. Exclusive to guests staying at the hotel, the magnificent Ellerman House Wine Gallery is a prime new feature of this top-of-the-range Bantry Bay mansion – one of the most discerning accommodation choices a traveller to Cape Town could make.

Ellerman House Wine Gallery Cape Town Exclusive Getaways

The custom-created corkskrew is enclosed in a glass wall and is equipped with sophisticated temperature monitoring, ensuring that the wine is stored at optimal temperature.

The Wine Gallery also integrates a Brandy Tasting Lounge where the long maturation process of brandy is depicted.

Ellerman House Wine Gallery Cape Town Exclusive Getaways

Guests have much to glean from the Ellerman House Sommelier whose knowledge is supreme. Look forward to visiting the Wine Gallery during your next stay at Ellerman House.

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