Desert Trips

Of all landscapes in South Africa, the Karoo has clinched the most marvellous of claims. It has been called ‘the world’s most extraordinary desert‘ (National Geographic) and ‘an envied rarity‘ (Country Life). It has also been described as South Africa’s ‘soul space‘ and its own ‘version of New Mexico, the Outback or the Gobi‘ (The … Continue reading “The Call of the Karoo: Magical Places to Stay at and Explore in the Great and Little Karoo”

The Green Kalahari is a pure and alluring wilderness in the Northern Cape, at the place where the ancient Kalahari Desert has a brush with the mighty Orange River. In a dramatic landscape of rocky ravines, red earth, and great plains made fertile by the life-giving river, Tutwa Desert Lodge has its home. Embark on an … Continue reading “A Day in the Life of… Tutwa Desert Lodge: Your Unforgettable Encounter with the Green Kalahari”