In Spring the West Coast comes alive with flowers. There are many places along the West Coast to enjoy the Spring flowers – and we’ve visited a few lately – but be sure to see the wild veld flowers in the Darling area on your next West Coast getaway. The roadsides burst into colour and reserves are decked out in their best Spring finery. The Darling Wildflower Society points out on their website that Darling contains more than 10% of the species count of the Cape Floral Kingdom in less than 1% of the area. During Spring certain private reserves, such as Waylands Flower Reserve and Tienie Versveld Wildflower Reserve, open their farms to the public for flower viewing on a drive-through or walkabout basis. We went on Saturday, and here are our pics …

Waylands Reserve near Darling  Spring flowers West Coast
Waylands Flower Reserve near Darling has a magnificent drive-through route which opens to the public in Spring
private flower reserves Waylands Reserve Darling West Coast Spring flowers
Blue Flax on Waylands Flower Reserve near Darling
Veld flowers at Darling West Coast
Kelkiewyn / Wine Cups flourish amid lilies and ixias in wetland areas on Waylands Flower Reserve at Darling
Wild spring flowers West Coast Exclusive Getaways
Star flower – a wonderful find on Waylands Flower Reserve, Darling
Wild spring flowers Darling Cape West Coast  Exclusive Getaways
Fields of happiness at Darling during spring – Waylands Reserve
Wild veld flowers Darling West Coast Spring flowers
Romulea growing in the veld in the Darling area
Spring flowers Darling Cape West Coast
Vast carpets of flowers in the Tienie Versveld Reserve at Darling

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