Much more than a trendy buzzword, experiential travel is about steeping yourself deeply in a country at the level of felt experience. South Africa is a captivating land, inviting deep engagement with its beautiful landscapes, its warm-hearted people and a dazzling array of sensory experience. Experiential travel is about participation, being fully immersed in conservation experiences as an active participant rather than as a bystander and onlooker – which is perhaps what partially defines our older sense of the word ‘tourist’. We bring you a round-up of some of the ways of engaging experientially with South Africa’s wildlife and wilderness magic.

In the beautiful Green Kalahari of the Northern Cape, Tutwa Desert Lodge allows guests to engage with conservation through participation in conservation experiences. At Tutwa guest activities include: Leopard Protection Project activities; game viewing; fly fishing; nature paddles on the Orange River; bush and river outventures; bird river safaris with floating picnic; walking trails; stargazing; salt water swimming pool; viewing of natural Rose Quartz deposits.

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