The Kruger National Park is South Africa’s flagship wildlife reserve and one of the best-known attractions in the country. This spectacular wilderness covers almost 2 million hectares and was first proclaimed way back in in 1898, which gives it the status of being South Africa’s first national park. Today the park is a UNESCO-designated International Man and Biosphere Reserve. There are various ways of enjoying access to Kruger National Park. One of the options is to stay at a luxury safari lodge in a private concession of the park, and here Exclusive Getaways offers some suggestions. 

There are fewer than 20 private safari lodges in Kruger National Park. The lodges featured below are select destinations within private concession areas, each offering a limited number of rooms, ranging from 4 to 16. The experience at these private safari lodges is far more personalized, more luxurious and intimate than at the Kruger National Park rest camps operated by South African National Parks – though SANParks camps may suit those visitors looking for rustic options.

Staying at a private lodge within Kruger National Park ensures an exquisite setting, top-quality accommodation, and outstanding wildlife viewing on professionally guided safaris comprising just a handful of guests at a time. The private safari experience is simultaneously luxurious and wilderness-conscious, and will be one to remember long after the dust of Africa has fallen from your feet. 

Kruger National Park encompasses areas in both Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces. Wildlife is phenomenal in its diversity. All of the ‘Big 5’ can be seen there. The reserve supports 147 species of large mammals, and is fortunate to have some African wild dog packs in the reserve – an endangered species. Bird species in the park are in excess of 500. Reptile species number around 114, and amphibians and fish 33 (Source: Wikipedia).


Here are some of the wildlife sightings that have been enjoyed near these lodges:


Other private lodges in Kruger National Park are Camp Shawu and Camp Shonga, Pafuri Camp, Shishangeni Lodge and Tinga Game Lodges.

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