The notion of a slow-lane safari is so welcome amid the frenetic pace of life. Head for KwaZulu-Natal’s Nambiti Plains Private Game Lodge in the wild and wonderful Nambiti Private Game Reserve, where 23 000 magnificent acres of wildlands unfold a parade of nature’s most impressive wonders, and where ‘slow-lane safaris’ make all of this very accessible.

Nambiti Plains in a Nutshell

Self-described as “the unpretentious 5 star experience where every moment is focused on the wonders of the wild”, Nambiti Plains is a nature-lover’s haven, and an exceptional way to access the wonders of Nambiti Private Game Reserve. Life here at this 5-star lodge is luxurious, but nature remains the main event and in order to ensure that guests enjoy it fully, the idea of ‘slow-lane safaris’ was born. 

Why Nambiti?

Why not? would be the more appropriate question. This magnificent reserve is free of malaria, has all of the ‘Big 5’ and phenomenal biodiversity, is situated 4.5 hours from Johannesburg and 3.5 hours from Durban, and is not far from the Drakensberg Mountains and the historic battlefields.

Activities at Nambiti Plains Private Game Lodge

‘Slow-Lane Safaris
Nambiti Plains believes it’s the unpredictability of nature that makes it especially exciting. Twice-daily game drives in the ‘slow lane’ give guests privileged access to the wilderness, and plenty of time in which to immerse themselves in the sights, sounds, smells and textures of the all-African landscape and its countless wonders.

luxury safari nambiti game reserve kwazulunatal

luxury safari nambiti game reserve kwazulunatal

Bush Walks
All the small wonders of the bush – the tiny insects and animals, the plants that don’t really get noticed on game drives, the animal tracks and dung, and a whole host of living miracles – can be appreciated on a bush walk. 

Nambiti Plains has two options, a 3-Hour Bush Walk and a 6-Hour Bush Walk. The latter departs at 07h00 after an early breakfast and continues until lunchtime. 

Bush walks are limited to a maximum of four guests per ranger. All participants must be at a reasonable level of fitness. Wear comfortable clothing in neutral colours – long trousers are recommended, and closed walking shoes. 

Private Game Drives
At Nambiti Plains guests can reserve a private game drive, to enjoy the wilderness at their own pace. This is a perfect opportunity for keen photographers and birders who want to spend time at particular sightings.

luxury safari nambiti game reserve kwazulunatal

Night Drives
On a night drive guests have the chance to experience the sights and sounds of the bush at night, and to see the more elusive nocturnal animals of Nambiti such as porcupine, large spotted genet, jackal, aardvark and leopard.

luxury safari nambiti game reserve kwazulunatal

The Milky Way is a beautiful sight on a clear night, with constellations such as Orion, Taurus the Bull, the Southern Cross, Scorpio and others to marvel at. On the evening game drive your guide will point out some of the wonders of the night sky.

Bass Fishing
Bass fishing is a tailor-made activity lasting about 2.30 hours. The summer months see the dams and rivers alive with a variety of Large‐ and Small‐Mouth Bass, and Tilapia. Fishing at Nambiti Plains is on a catch‐and‐release basis, and can be enjoyed in between morning and afternoon game drives. 

Private Romantic Dinners
A romantic private dinner can be set up for you on your private deck under the stars. This package also includes a romantic turndown with a bubble bath, a bottle of Method Cap Classique on ice and special snacks.

Bush Picnics
Kick back to a wonderful picnic in the wilderness, either in the traditional way or with table and chairs. A private chef and/or host will be on hand. The riverside makes an idyllic picnic setting.

River Lunch
This is a wonderful al fresco event not to be missed.

Accommodation at Nambiti Plains

luxury safari nambiti game reserve kwazulunatal

luxury safari nambiti game reserve kwazulunatal

In between all these wonderful activities you will enjoy the comfort of your suite, large and luxurious, with freestanding bath and offering panoramic views of the plains. Floor to ceiling sliding doors invite the wilderness in. Each suite has a private viewing deck with a unique view of the plains. 

Mail us to book your stay at Nambiti Plains, or call +27 21 797-7122.