Whether you’re a seasoned horse rider in search of the perfect rider’s holiday, or someone with aspirations to see the world from the saddle of a horse, Pakamisa Private Game Reserve is a good bet for your next getaway. This wonderful destination in northern KwaZulu-Natal welcomes both beginners and advanced riders to enjoy a unique experience combining the pleasure of riding with the excitement of a safari.

The Invitation

If the noise of an engine bothers you, try a horse back safari, with its gentle pace and proximity to nature. This is a spectacular way to view game, and Pakamisa welcomes both beginners and advanced riders.”  This is the invitation that Pakamisa makes on its website. You are offered a horseback safari adventure that allows you to enjoy wildlife, scenery and culture at close range. This is a horse lover’s dream and an aspring rider’s great opportunity.

What the Expect from your Horseback Safari at Pakamisa

The first thing to expect is a very scenic adventure. Pakamisa is set on a lofty plateau in northern KwaZulu-Natal, with spectacular vistas  made up of green valleys, bushveld plains and hillsides.

horse riding holidays and safaris kwazulu natal
The beautiful Pakamisa wilderness, well off the beaten track in northern Zululand.

Riding is tailored to the requirements of each group, ranging from a 30-minute beginner’s lesson to a daily ride that could be anything up to five hours. Typically, the excursion will include a bush breakfast or picnic.

horse riding holidays and safaris kwazulu natal
Horse trails at Pakamisa will usually include a picnic or breakfast in the bush.

A professional guide will lead you on the trails through the wilderness, introducing you to animals and plants. Meet herds of impala, giraffe, wildebeest and warthogs on the journey over plains and hills.

horse riding holidays and safaris kwazulu natal
Wildlife viewing from the saddle is a one-of-its-kind safari adventure

The horses at Pakamisa are Pure Arabians, and cross-breeds with the indigenous South African “Boerperd”.

horse riding holidays and safaris kwazulu natal
A horse riding holiday in Pakamisa Private Game Reserve keeps you close to nature and beauty.

Pakamisa is a predator-free reserve, making it a safe place to view wildlife from the saddle. Families can feel at ease about including children to share the experience. 

horse riding holidays and safaris kwazulu natal
Make your horse riding holdiday a family affair. All are welcome at Pakamisa

Mail us to book your horse riding safari at Pakamisa, or a getaway elsewhere in South Africa, or call +27 21 797 7122.