It would take a lot to beat the thrill and exhilaration of a foot safari on the turf of Africa’s big game. And to do it in five-star style undoubtedly adds to the appeal. Well-planned walking trails with a good measure of built-in luxury are on offer at Lukimbi Safari Lodge, a luxurious sanctuary spanning a magnificent 15 000 hectare wilderness concession in the south of the Kruger National Park. This is the best known of all South African game reserves, and the home turf of the all the Big Five, as well as wild dog, cheetah, giraffe and very many other species.

Depending on your threshhold for bundu-bashing, Lukimbi offers a choice of walking trails. Serious walkers and bush-lovers will want to opt for the 3-day trail package, while others might choose just a 1- or 2-day walk.

This is more or less what you can expect: you’ll start the walk at 7.00 am, after fortifying yourself with coffee and biscuits at the lodge. The lead guide and trekker will inform you of the do’s and don’ts of walking in Big Five country. Armed with some useful facts, you’ll hit the track. After a few hours of walking, the group will be met by the Lukimbi team, revealing a beautifully laid table and a full breakfast, including freshly cooked food and hot filtered coffee. Just imagine this scene, right in front of a waterhole …

Refreshed and revitalised, you’ll continue on your way, with great sightings to be enjoyed on route. One of the best sightings comes at lunch time, when you spot the wonderful Lukimbi team again, in yet another beautiful setting, this time with a lavish offering of lunch served in the shade of a tree on blankets and cushions.

The last leg of the walk will continue after lunch, and by this time it will probably be a bit cooler, which makes for even better game viewing. On reaching your final destination, there’ll be the welcome sight of a Landrover to greet you, complete with a cooler box filled with ice cold drinks.  You arrive back at the lodge at 5.00 pm, with ample time to relax before a wonderful dinner feast.

Kindly note that these walks need to be booked in advance. There need to be a minimum of two people and a maximum of eight people per walk. No children under the age of 16 are permitted to participate.

Mail us or call +27 21 797-7122 to book.