A trip to South Africa can be a holiday of a lifetime, so you really want to plan it well and get the most of our diverse and spectacular country – surely one of the best holiday destinations on the planet! 

Summer Beside the Sea: The Sands @ St Francis Bay

The first rule of thumb is to work with a travel specialist who knows the country well and has first-hand knowledge of its climate, attractions and best getaways. It’s also crucial that you choose a specialist who will prioritise your particular needs and expectations and custom-build an itininerary around these.  A good place to start is to view a few different itinerary options, bearing in mind that any suggested holiday plan can be enlarged, scaled down, or for that matter, redesigned from scatch to suit your fancy and pocket.

Choose a time to visit that optimizes your experience of whichever areas it is that you want to visit. South Africa has many different holiday regions with varying climates, so let’s take a brief climate tour:

For a beach holiday in South Africa, you’ll want to come in summer, between November and March. Make use of a special offer at a coastal getaway in the Western Cape or Eastern Cape. And of course, you won’t want to visit these areas without spending some time on the acclaimed Garden Route – a particularly scenic stretch of coastline with vast indigenous forests.

Our spectacular safari regions are year-round destinations, but best to visit between May and September, when skies are clear, temperatures are comfy and the bush is not too dense. Animals are easier to spot and appreciate at this time of year. It’s fine to go on safari during the summer months too, just means you have to get up a wee bit earlier in the morning to beat the heat and see game before they sneak away in search of shade and rest. Mpumalanga, North-West and Limpopo are prime safari areas, each with its own unique appeal and multitude of offerings. Once again, it’s best to get advice from a professional to ensure that you make the best choice – and choice there most certainly is!

If June/July – South Africa’s mid-winter – is when you need to come, don’t despair. KwaZulu-Natal is a diverse region with a generally very temperate climate, and offers safari destinations, beach holidays, eco-breaks, mountain getaways, cultural attractions and plenty more. Some people regard it as a world-in-one-province because of the diversity of its tourist offerings.

Feel free to chat to our Getaway Consultants about when to visit, where to stay, what to see and where to play.