At Londolozi’s Private Granite Suites bathing is a matchless and truly blissful affair. This experience takes you way beyond the pleasures of a bush-view bathroom, to a gorgeous outdoor riverside bathtub, where unadulterated beauty surrounds you in every direction. 

Londolozi’s riverside baths are located on decks under old Ebony Trees below each of the beautiful Granite Suites, beside the perennial Sand River. Enjoy a long soak in the tub with the temperate African air on your skin and the sound of water washing over giant granite rocks. You have to admit, this really is the life …

In case you feel a little uneasy about bathing outdoors, there’s a well-concealed electrified enclosure to keep you safe in this harmonious setting.

Private river baths are a bumper extra at the Private Granite Suites. They offer you yet another choice in addition to using your stunning glass-enclosed en-suite bathroom, or taking a shower outdoors. Each suite also has a private swimming pool.

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