There are few things as exhilarating as setting off on a big game safari and meeting Africa in all its triumphant glory. To keep it safe and pleasantly memorable, do bear these basic safari tips and safety guidelines in mind:

~ If you’re self-driving to your chosen safari lodge, you’ll probably have a few kilometres to travel from the reserve gate to lodge reception. Remain in your car and get out at designated areas only.

~ Make sure you have clear directions before making the trip, and have the lodge phone number on hand, should you need to call.

~ Drive slowly, and stop if an animal walks onto the road. The animal always has right of way, so keep well clear and give the animal the time it needs to roam past.

~ Keep your car windows closed, particularly when driving through the more popular game parks where animals have become habituated to vehicles. (And outside of game reserves, please also keep your windows closed and your car locked when encountering baboons – they know what to do with car door handles when searching for food, and you could easily land up with a hairy passenger on the back seat you hadn’t quite bargained for!)

~ Do not walk in a predator-inhabited game reserve unless accompanied by a trained guide, and pay close attention to any safety instructions your guide issues. Do not follow the example of television heroes who approach wild animals on foot. Wild animals are extremely dangerous!

~ Hippos are the most dangerous of all the large animals. Before swimming in rivers or lakes make sure there are no hippos or crocodiles.

~ Wear strong boots and socks when walking in the bush with your guide.

~ Do not walk around at night where you could encounter wildlife. Lodge guides will escort you through the camp to your room after dark.

~ If travelling to an area that carries the risk of malaria, please evaluate the various precautionary measures available and protect yourself adequately. Alternatively, ask our Getaway Consultants about lodges in malaria-free areas.

~ If you are going on safari with children, choose a lodge that offers a dedicated children’s programme, so that all are suitably entertained and kept safe.

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