The first prize that comes with a winter safari is of course a cost-saving. Safari lodges generally drop their rates quite substantially during winter which means the saving can be quite appreciable. In addition, some lodges offer excellent special deals to South African residents, bringing luxury safaris within the means of locals who often imagine that upmarket safaris at private lodges are the privilege of international guests only. Have a look at some current special offers – there are some good safari specials among them.

Granted, it can be pretty chilly in the bush during winter, but the wilderness certainly has a particular winter charm, and luxury lodges provide plenty of comforts to keep the experience pleasurable. Some of our fondest bush memories at Exclusive Getaways are seeing the bush at first light in winter when all is fresh and crisp and dewy – sunrises and spider webs are simply magical on winter mornings. With a steaming beverage in hand, of course! And on that note, be assured that the luxury lodges keep one exceedingly comfortable on game drives, with blankies provided. Some lodges even offer hotties!

Game viewing can be really superb during winter. In the southern hemisphere animals don’t hibernate in winter and they tend to be more active thanks to lower daytime temperatures. In the heat of summer animals will go in search of shade and as a result they hide away very early in the day, but in winter you’re more likely to see them around.

Parts of KwaZulu-Natal have tropical climates with temperate weather in winter, so KZN might be your best direction if you’re put off by the cold. Also, KwaZulu-Natal has summer rainfall, so there’s less chance of rain spoiling your game adventures. Less rain also means slower vegetation growth, which makes animals easier to spot.

Where to go in KZN? There’s the stunning Thanda Private Game Reserve, Hluhluwe River Lodge, White Elephant Safari Lodge and Mkuze Falls Private Game Reserve.

These lodges all deliver first-class safaris – tented and otherwise, and each has something very special to offer their guests. Talk to our Getaway Consultants to get more information, we’re also just a call away on 0860 102 907 (local) or +27 21 797-7122 (international).