It’s turtle season, friends, until the end of February. One of the most awesome experiences imaginable is to meet these creatures after dark on a long, remote stretch of beach down at Mabibi Bay in KwaZulu-Natal. At this special place you catch your breath in wonder as you watch Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles laying their eggs on the beach. What’s so amazing is that these magnificent creatures make an epic journey across the full length of the African continent every year to return to the Maputuland coastline – and specifically to the very beach where they themselves once hatched.

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Thonga Beach Lodge is a far-off hideout of casual exclusivity on this pristine shoreline. It’s thatched beach suites are tucked away in dune forest just metres above the shoreline. Lodge staff take you out on guided night excursions – walks and beach drives – when the chances of seeing the turtles are very good.

It is an unforgettable experience to witness these enormous creatures laying their eggs. The hatchlings make their appearance from the nest after about 60 days. Their emergence is a real miracle, given that they must dig about 40cm up to the surface. They then crawl some 50m to the sea, where they often fall prey to kingfish and seabirds. The survival rate is less than one in 50.

The time to go turtle tracking at Thonga Beach Lodge is between November and February. There are also other wonderful activities at Thonga, including scuba diving.

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