“Summer, from September to April, is when the bush is at its most lush due to it being the rainy season. This is also the lambing season for many of our antelope species and when numerous species of migratory birds arrive in the area. Temperatures at this time are generally warm to very hot, with rain falling in the late afternoons, if at all. Neutral-coloured, light fabrics are recommended, and you shouldn´t forget to bring a sweater or windbreaker in case it gets chilly or rains.”

Winter, though, and that’s May through to August, is probably the best time of year for game viewing, because the vegetation is less dense and the animals tend to show themselves around permanent water sources. Winter days are fairly warm, but the temperature drops after sunset and the early mornings are chilly. Dress warmly for game drives!

This advice comes from the experts at Motswari Private Game Reserve – true bush people who have been hosting safaris in the beautiful Timbavati wilderness for more than 30 years.

A bush experience at Motswari is the real deal. “There are no spas or gyms here at Motswari”, the folks there explain. “Instead we provide the serenity and relaxation that comes from exploring the intricacies of the living ecosystem that will surround you and the exercise that comes from walking the untamed trails that abound in the pristine environment you will find yourself in.”

Luxury, though, is not in short supply at Motswari. The interior spaces are a beautiful synergy between the earthy, the arty and the downright luxurious. Surrounding the lodge are the immense and consoling tracts of Timbavati, bursting with wildlife.

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