Be sure to keep your South African safari memorable in the best possible way, by observing these basic safety and environment-first guidelines, compiled by Notten’s Bush Camp in the Sabi Sand.

Out on a safari drive at Notten’s Bush Camp

Do not stand up in a game drive vehicle. This breaks the large form of the vehicle, to which the animals have become accustomed, and instead brings individual targets into focus, which could be dangerous or scare the animal away.

No smoking on the Land Rover.

No cellphone use. (At Notten’s there is cell phone signal in the camp office.)

No raised voices to attract the animals’ attention.

No shirts off!

No personal flashlights on night drives.

No littering.

Bush toilet. There is no access to a flush toilet while on a game drive, but use of a ‘bush toilet’ may be requested.

Leopard in the bush at Notten’s Bush Camp, Sabi Sand

A few more guidelines to observe:

Wear sturdy shoes and socks when walking in the bush with your guide.

Drive slowly in the reserve when on route to a lodge, and stop if an animal walks onto the road. The animal always has right of way, so keep well clear and give the animal the time it needs to roam past.

Do not walk about unaccompanied in the bush, or in an unfenced camp after dark. Rangers will accompany you between your chalet and the central areas.

Ensure protection against mosquitos in areas that carry a risk of malaria.

Notten’s Bush Camp offers a fantastic wildlife safari in one of the most wildlife-abundant parts of South Africa. Their safari is authentic and not needlessly ‘overfrilled’, yet there’s also a very good twist of luxury and indulgence. Notten’s elects to exclude electric lighting to keep the experience natural – and romantic!

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