When you come to Africa to meet the rugged wilderness, traditional culture and entertainment may well be on your wish list.  Hoyo Hoyo is a safari lodge that offers a wonderful measure of traditional culture and enchantment, in tandem with a Big Five safari in the Kruger National Park.

The Safari

The first good reason to choose Hoyo Hoyo Safari Lodge is that it’s situated in the Kruger National Park, South Africa’s most well known game reserve teeming with wildlife. This much-visited park is home to an estimated 1 500 lion, 12 000 elephant, 2 500 buffalo, 1 000 leopards and a fair number of white and black rhino. Lions are at home throughout the park, and are frequently spotted on the grassy plains, along with the plains game which they pursue. At night, leopards are more likely to show themselves than by day, and Hoyo Hoyo has a good track record of leopard sightings.

Your guides at Hoyo Hoyo will drive you deep into the wilderness twice a day, at daybreak and then again late in the afternoon until after dark, so that you have a chance of seeing diurnal as well as nocturnal animals. Or, right on the Hoyo Hoyo doorstep, you can sit back on the deck and watch the comings and goings of Africa’s great beasts at the nearby waterhole.

Cultural Experience

The second reason to visit Hoyo Hoyo is to savour the traditional atmosphere of the lodge and the entertainment it provides. Sleep in a thatched beehive suite modelled along traditional Tsonga lines, with a viewing deck where you can gaze out across the riverbed and savannah plains.

An interactive cultural experience is a signature activity at Hoyo Hoyo. Meet a ‘nanga’, or healer, at the lodge, who provides a fascinating insight into the history of the Tsonga people. Staff will entertain you, in the form of traditional song and dance. Lend an ear to enthralling tribal tales around the fireside and learn some Tsonga customs from the staff – all of whom are from the local community.

The earthy, tradtional feel of the lodge and the fabulous entertainment provided by the staff will bring the spirit of Africa alive for you and provide a rich cultural experience alongside your Big Five safari.

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