Imagine sleeping in a forest on the edge of a lake, soaking in a tub set in pearl-white sand beneath the stars, and spending your days walking in faraway raffia forests, canoeing on beautiful waterways, and snorkelling at a secret paradise where the Kosi River meets the big sea. And what’s more, you will barely see another soul, save for your hosts, fellow guests and a handful of local people going about their fishing. This is all yours at Kosi Forest Lodge, a fantastic nature hideout tucked away in a sand forest beside Lake Kosi in KwaZulu-Natal.

Kosi Forest Lodge has one of the finest addresses on the planet, in a wilderness that forms part of the Isimangaliso Wetland Park. It’s the only private lodge in the Kosi Bay Nature Reserve, which is one of the world’s recognised jewels, and one of South Africa’s best ecotourist destinations.

Accommodation at Kosi Forest Lodge

Eight thatch and canvas cabins are hidden in the forest and make wonderful hideaways, with anything from 5 – 20 metres between them. The en-suite bathrooms are divinely open-air; from the bath tub you can have the stars wink at you through the foliage of the forest. There is also an indoor and outdoor shower. 

luxury forest cabin getaway kosi bay isimangaliso wetland park

luxury forest cabin getaway kosi bay isimangaliso wetland park

The pool is another prime rest-spot, with extraordinary views of Lake Shengeza.

Kosi Sunset PoolThe Kosi Bay Nature Reserve encircles the rare lake system of Kosi Bay – one of the best-preserved estuary systems on South Africa’s Indian Ocean coastline. The reserve is a utopia of crystal waters, swamplands and coastal forests alive with birds. Hippo and crocodile live in and around the lakes, whilst all manner of unusual fish, plants and animals inhabit the reserve.

The local people use traditional fishing methods to harvest fish in the estuary. Attractive fish traps are placed throughout the estuary, providing food for the local people and an attraction for visitors.

romantic forest lodge kwazulunatal

Activities at Kosi Forest Lodge

During your stay at Kosi Forest Lodge, you can do a canoe trip on the lakes, go boating amid fish traps, and enter amazing raffia palm forests.  One of the highlights is an all-day activity to the exquisite Kosi Bay Mouth. Here, the sea and lakes meet, creating a spectacular picture.  Snorkelling is excellent all year round in the clear warm waters. There is also the option of fishing, birding and seasonal turtle tracking.

romantic forest lodge kwazulunatal

Kosi CanoeingMaputaland. KwaZulu Natal. South Africa

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